Design Engineering

Unified Network Services has extensive experience with network design, installation, validation, troubleshooting and maintenance. Whether you are utilizing an ethernet, wireless, LAN or WAN Multi Site, Unified Network Services can assist you.

Network Consulting and Assessment

From designing a network from a baseline requirement to evaluating an existing system, Unified Network Services can assist in creating a reliable and secure communications system. Our on-site assessment consists of network audits, site surveys and analysis of current and forecasted requirements. Upon completion of the assessment, a detailed network analysis is delivered that outlines a comprehensive strategy for your operation.

Network Design

Unified Network Services has the experience and expertise to design superior networks to applications of almost any size and scope. Our design will result in a high performance network with maximum integrity and uptime. Our design services include:

* Network Component Specifications
* Network Performance Calculation
* Physical Network Drawings
* System Configuration

Network Installation

The proper installation of any network is critical to the system relying on it. Our Network Engineers are experienced in a broad range of network installations and will ensure your network is installed on time and on budget.

Network Validation

Because many networks do not operate at their peak capacity, Unified Network Services offers on-site Network Validation Services. If your network is not operating at peak capacity, you can experience network downtime that can significantly effect your operation. Our engineers can provide an on-site analysis that can identify and correct the problems leading to poor network performance and downtime. Utilizing state of the art tools, our Network Engineers conduct comprehensive validation tests and identify issues before they cause problems.

Network Troubleshooting

Unified Network Services can provide invaluable assistance in getting your existing network back on line. Our staff of Field Engineering Professionals is available 24/7 to perform on-site troubleshooting and repair of your network.

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