100% Uptime

An annual uptime figure of 99.9 percent is 8.76 hours downtime per year. A figure of 99.8 percent uptime is 17.52 hours of downtime per year. Can the mission critical components of your business handle 17.52 hours of downtime per year?

Could you be out of business for almost a full day, on any day of the year?

If you can say, sure, I can be down a day. Then this information doesn’t apply to you. But perhaps you’re a doctor using an online EHR product or a just in time manufacturing facility that depends on online shipping tools. If so, you cannot afford any downtime.

Highly Available Redundant Internet Access can be the solution to maintaining almost 100% up-time. We can provide Highly Available Redundant Internet Access from technically different sources, merged bandwidth that provides automatic failover in the event of a single Internet circuit failure.

We have a unique solution that not only secures your network, but also provides the highest level of redundancy and availability in the industry. We can provide near 100% up-time for your business.

We can help. Please contact us.