header887x151Unified Network Services offers major carrier solutions and provides pricing and availability of commercial bandwidth necessary for your business to compete. We provision top telecom service providers in North America based entirely upon your business need. We provide engineering consultation services and help you with your research prior to deploying bandwidth. We typically replace legacy connectivity, advance your technology and save you money all at the same time.

We perform data center and cloud computing migrations, streamlining operations, improving service levels, and controling costs. We focus on a broad portfolio of commercial telecommunications, cable, wireless and fiber carrier solutions including VOIP, Gigabit Ethernet, Metro Ethernet, Ethernet over Copper, MPLS and Managed Security.

Unified Network Services simplifies the overall process to help you save time and money. Our consulting guarantees the proposed telecom solutions meet your IT needs and generate positive ROI. Unified Network Services never charges for your initial consultation. We appreciate your questions and comments.

Contact us by phone at (936) 228-8108 or by email to unifiednetworkservices (at) gmail (dot) com